Oil & Gas Related Accidents

Texas Oil and Gas Refinery Accidents Attorney

Everyone who works in the oil and gas industry understands and accepts the hazards  they face nearly every single day. Every day, oil and gas workers work long days with  large, heavy machinery, combustible and sometimes poisonous chemicals, high-pressure.  All of these combine to make for a very hazardous environment in which to work. The possibility of facing a fire, explosion or falling objects, among other hazards, is simply a fact of life when you work in the oil patch, or on the rigs or refineries that are part of the oil and gas industry. At any time, a single, seemingly small careless act can lead to  catastrophe.

Unfortunately, workers oftentimes have little control over what happens around them. At oil and gas worksites, drilling rigs, and refineries, often there are  workers from  a number of companies,  all of whom are equipped with different levels of safety training.

In addition, the  fact that different companies  with different company cultures  means  that  the attitude toward maintenance  often varies,  which means  the condition of the equipment used can  vary greatly,  and range from near perfect to seriously degraded.  All of these  factors can contribute to the cause of injuries, deaths, and other tragedies. The Texas Oil and Gas Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm has dealt with a wide array of causes for oil field and refinery tragedies, including:

  • Explosions;
  • Hot Work or Welding Activities;
  • Improper Cleaning/Flushing;
  • Blowouts;
  • Inhalation Dangers (H2S Exposure);
  • Silica Exposure (Silicosis);
  • Falling Objects;
  • Electrical Fires;
  • Oil Drilling Equipment Failures;
  • Vehicle Accidents;
  • Hot Steam Exposure;
  • Chemical Exposure; and
  • Defective Refinery or Drilling Equipment.

When someone is injured or killed in and oilfield or refinery accident, it is extremely important that a complete and full investigation is performed regarding the causes of the accidents to protect the rights of everyone involved.  Often, this can mean obtaining the services of an aggressive  attorney  to advocate for  the victims. The Texas Oil and Gas Accident Injury attorney at Hill Law Firm has the resources, knowledge and experience to assist you if you or a loved one is injured or killed in an oil field accident or a refinery fire or explosion. For a free legal consultation from your Texas Oil and Gas Lawyer, call us at (210) 960-3939.