Birthing Injuries

Texas Birth Injury Attorneys

The birth of a new child is often the greatest blessing a family will ever experience; a cause for joy and a time for celebration.  Unfortunately, many families find themselves left with heartbreak and confusion on the day of their child’s birth when preventable birth injuries threaten the health and safety of their tiny loved ones.

A 2009 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that over the last decade, childbirth emergencies during delivery have increased by 75%, while post-delivery complications over the same time period have more than doubled.  In fact, a staggering 52,000 women are affected each year by severe birth complications.

While some of those complications are sadly unavoidable, many are entirely preventable.  When doctors, nurses, and hospital staff members fail to take proper precautions and follow established procedures, the life and well-being of the child is put on the line.  Small mistakes made at this crucial point in a child’s life can lead to serious long-term consequences for both the child and the mother.  The Houston and San Antonio, Texas Baby Injury Lawyers at Hill Law Firm are here to answer any questions you might have regarding medical negligence during delivery of your child.

What Can Go Wrong During Birth?

Medical professionals are trained to anticipate and prepare for the needs of their patients in any situation.  Small mistakes made in diagnosing, laboring, anesthetizing, and delivering newborn babies can equate to the difference between life and death for a mother and her child. Common mistakes made during childbirth include:

  • Failure to anticipate  potential  complications with the birth of a larger baby.
  • Failure to anticipate  problems  with regard to maternal health complications;
  • Failure to  take appropriate measures  while responding to  excessive bleeding;
  • Failure  to notice and respond to  entrapment  from the umbilical cord;
  • Failure to  properly respond to fetal distress.
  • Failure to properly detect and respond to fetal heartbeat irregularities;
  • Misuse of  medical tools during delivery, such as a forceps or a vacuum extractor;
  • An excessive delay in ordering  a medically necessary cesarean section;
  • An inappropriate  or excessive administration of the synthetic hormone Pitocin,  which is often  used to induce or speed up labor.

These errors and  many others can cause injuries that require medical care for the rest of the child’s life.  These errors can also kill.  Some of the more common injuries associated with medical negligence during the birth of a child include:

If your child has been born with one of these injuries, it may have been the result of medical negligence during the delivery of your child.  If you would like to talk to a Texas Baby Injury Lawyers, call Hill Law Firm today.  Consultations are always free.