Steam Pipe Explosion Injures 6 in Texas

Steam Pipe Explosion Injures 6 in TexasSteam Pipe Explosion Injures 6 in Texas: Serious Burns Reported

Working in the oilfield can be a dangerous and lucrative career.  In Texas, the dangers have appeared to outpace the financial upside.  Texas has an abysmal safety record for workers and much of that is driven by all the injuries reported n the oil and gas industry.  That is why it is unfortunate, but not surprising, that six more oilfield workers have been burned in Karnes County, Texas, near Falls City, after some sort of failure in a steam pipe caused those six people to suffer serious burns.

According to reports, six oil rig workers were injured on September 24, 2013 on a site near Falls City, Texas when a steam pipe burst scalding the workers with hot water.  The incident happened at a site operated by Freeport-McMoRan Oil and Gas on C.R. 207 just off F.M. 791.  Four of the workers sustained third degree burns and required air evacuation.  The six workers were transported to a burn unit in San Antonio, Texas where they are in stable condition.  The cause of the incident is still under investigation.

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  1. For your informaition, my husband was one of the 3 injured from La. and passed away Thursday Dec. 19, from this so called accident.

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