Scooter Store WARN Lawsuit

Hill Law FirmScooter Store WARN Lawsuit

The Texas Employment Litigation Lawyers at Hill Law Firm are proud to announce that they have been retained by several former Scooter Store employees and have filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of these employees for violations of the WARN Act by the Scooter Store.  The WARN Act generally requires that large employers provides employees with at least 60 days notice before instituting a mass layoff.  According to the Department of Labor, the basis of the WARN Act is, “Advance notice gives workers and their families some transition time to adjust to the prospective loss of employment, to seek and obtain other jobs, and, if necessary, to enter skill training or retraining that will allow these workers to compete successfully in the job market.” This notice has been determined to be important enough that the federal government has a law requiring notice.

The San Antonio Express News covered this lawsuit and quoted Hill Law Firm attorney Justin Hill extensively.  The class action lawsuit is seeking 60 days of back pay and benefits for all the laid off workers. If you have questions regarding the WARN Act, the Scooter Store WARN Act Class Action, or other employment litigation matters, contact the Texas Employment Litigation Attorneys at Hill Law Firm today.  If you have questions regarding joining this lawsuit please email Justin Hill at your name, phone number, address, job title, and the location for which you were employed by The Scooter Store.  If you have contacted Justin and not received an email with documentation, please e-mail Scott M. Grzenczyk at

6 thoughts on “Scooter Store WARN Lawsuit

  1. I would like to be listed in the lawsuit. This has put a financial burden on my family and I. I am a single mother of two children. Please email me if more information is needed. Thank you!

  2. I worked for the scooter store for just shy of 2 years. Since I was put on the unpaid furlough I couldn’t get any answers to my questions. When I got an email through my blackberry work phone stating that I will be laid off as of March 31st. I then texted my boss asking him when he wanted me to bring the stuff back. He calls me right away and asked what I was talking about. I explained to him that I got the email. He knew nothing about. He told me that even called another manager and that manager knew nothing about the lay off either. What makes mad is that there was no communication between corporate and the managers. I still have vacation and sick time and a 401k.

  3. I am a TSS employee Affected by the furlough and lay off and I want to join the lawsuit. My phone number is 210-823-3500.

  4. They started letting people go in 2010 getting prepared to be in league with Sun LLT. What about them?

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