How Many Drunk Driving Fatality Accidents are there in Texas?

Drunk Driving Fatality Accidents

Question and Answer:  How Many Drunk Driving Fatality Accidents are there in Texas?

Answer:  In 2011, the latest reported year, there were 1,213 alcohol related traffic fatalities.  Alcohol related traffic fatalities accounted for 40% of all traffic fatalities in Texas in 2011.  Further, of those 1,213, 175 were under the age of twenty-one (21).  This number has remained fairly consistent over the past decade.  The following alcohol related traffic fatalities were reported over the past ten years:

  • 2011:   1,213
  • 2010:   1,270
  • 2009:   1,235
  • 2008:   1,146
  • 2007:   1,186
  • 2006:   1,400
  • 2005:   1,171
  • 2004:   1,180
  • 2003:   1,224
  • 2002:   1,282
  • 2001:   1,266

In total number of alcohol related traffic fatalities, Texas has consistently ranked number one in the nation in this very dubious category.

Texas has proven to be a perfect combination for encouraging drunk driving and bad behaviors associated with drunk driving.  Texas has long roads with high speed limits, limited to no public transportation, and according to some organizations some of the most lax drunk driving laws in the United States.  Texas must continue to take steps to address drunk driving and provide safer roads for law abiding Texans.

When it comes to drunk driving, there are many things that everyone can do to help limit the number of drunk driving accidents.  First, be part of the solution and not part of the drunk driving problem.  Either pass the keys, get a cab, or do not drink and drive.  By taking these simple steps, everyone can help make sure they do not become part of the statistics or contribute to the problem.  Second, encourage the same of your friends and family.  Encourage everyone you know to avoid drinking and driving and to be safe on the road.  Finally, be a defensive driver–especially at night.  As the night gets later, the number of drunks on the road increases at a rapid pace.  If you must be out late, be safe.

The Texas Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers at Hill Law Firm have represented many victims of drunk driving in civil proceedings against individuals and companies that drive drunk or encourage drunk driving.  When it comes to a drunk driving lawsuit, it is important to hire a lawyer that understands intoxication science and can stand up for victims of drunk driving.  If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident, call Hill Law Firm today.

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