Cyclospora Outbreak Injuries Nationwide

Cyclospora Outbreak Injuries Nationwide

Cyclospora Outbreak Injuries Nationwide: Government Is Still Hushed

A recent cyclospora outbreak in the United States associated with bagged lettuce has led to over 400 reported injuries across over sixteen states.  The Centers for Disease Control and many state and local government health agencies are actively investigating, tracking, and attempting to control this outbreak.  While the outbreak appears to be waning, the effects are still felt all over the United States.

This particular cyclospora outbreak has been associated with bagged lettuce.  At the present time, some government health agencies are refusing to release the brand name of the lettuce due to state laws that forbid the release of brand information unless the product still poses a health risk.  However, this poses many problems for the victims of this avoidable and foreseeable injury.

Those injured by this cyclospora outbreak have legal rights.  People injured by food contamination have a claim against the manufacturer of the food product that made them sick.  These victims have medical bills, lost wages, and other recoverable damages that they can seek against the food manufacturer.  However, if the maker of this contaminated food is shielded by governments, many of which are paying for medical treatment for these injuries, victims are left in the dark with no right to recover.

The Cyclospora Outbreak Food Contamination Lawyers at Hill Law Firm are actively investigating claims against the maker of any and all products that led to the massive nationwide cyclospora outbreak.  If you have been diagnosed with cyclospora and ate bagged salad mix or lettuce, you may have a claim for compensation.  The Food Poisoning Lawyers at Hill Law Firm have experience taking on some of the largest food makers in the world for nationwide food poisoning outbreaks.  To learn more, contact Hill Law Firm and ask for your free legal consultation regarding the recent cyclospora nationwide food poisoning outbreak.

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  1. I had ate at Olive Garden on June 9th for my wife’s birthday. I ended up sick with cyclospora. I lost two days of wages plus medical bills. I was very fatigued, loss of appetite, and had diarrhea everytime I ate. I would like to know if there is anyway to compensated for loss wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering?

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