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san antonio personal injury lawyersSan Antonio Personal Injury Lawyers

San Antonio is the second-largest city in Texas, and San Antonio residents are exposed to many of different dangers that come with living in a major metropolitan area. Accidents can happen anywhere, but San Antonio has more than its fair share.  San Antonio is centrally located in Texas with many major highways running through it. There is a lot of major commercial transportation going through San Antonio, Texas.  San Antonio also has a very bad problem with drunk driving. Finally, San Antonio employs a lot of people in high risk industries.  It is for all of these reasons, that San Antonio residents are often at risk of injury through no fault of their own.

The San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyers at Hill Law Firm handle a wide variety of personal injury cases and represent many clients in San Antonio. If you or a loved one have been the victims of an accident in San Antonio or the surrounding area, you need an experienced Texas attorney with the dedication and skill to protect your rights under the law and to help you recover the compensation that may be due you. Contact the lawyers at Hill Law Firm at 1-210-960-3939 for a free consultation.

San Antonio Trucking Accident Lawyers

San Antonio, Texas is located at an intersection of some major highways.  Two interstates, I-35 and I-10, meet in San Antonio, Texas.  These two roads are major trucking and interstate thoroughfares.  In addition to the major interstate highways, San Antonio, Texas has many other major state highways running through it that also are very important to  commerce in the State of Texas.  These roadways and the industries in San Antonio translate into San Antonio having a high volume of commercial motor vehicle and 18-wheeler traffic.  With the oil boom in the Eagle Ford Shale, San Antonio has seen even more traffic.  All of these factors combine to create congestion, traffic, and ultimately serious accidents.  To learn more about Hill Law Firm’s Trucking Accident Attorneys, click the following link More…

San Antonio Workplace Injury Accident Lawyers

San Antonio has a booming economy with employment growing in all types of industries.  Many San Antonio residents work in blue collar industries that involve higher risk of injury than other industries. Transportation, oil and gas, refining, construction, and manufacturing are some of the major industries in San Antonio, Texas.  Theses industries are also much more likely to put workers at risk of injury on the job.  To learn more about Hill Law Firm’s experience handling workplace accidents, oilfield explosions, oilfield accidents, and other on the job injuries, call Hill Law Firm today.

San Antonio Automobile Accident Lawyers

Automobile accidents happen every day all over the State of Texas.  Fault in automotive accidents is often hotly disputed and insurance companies do what they can to deny your claim. San Antonio has a large number of automobile accidents for a variety of reasons.  Multiple highways, lots of traffic, commercial trucking traffic, and a bad drunk driving problem combine to cause a lot of traffic accidents in San Antonio.  If you have questions about your car wreck, call Hill Law Firm today.

Case Types Handled in San Antonio, Texas

  • Trucking Accident:  Represented an Air Force Captain injured when an 18-wheeler backed into her car.  This case settled for a confidential sum.
  • Drunk Driving Accident: Represented a young lady injured when her car was rear-ended by a drunk driver.  This case settled for a confidential sum.
  • Trucking Accident:  Represented a San Antonio resident injured when an 18-wheeler sideswiped her van while she was driving to work.  This case settled for a confidential sum.
  • Automobile Accident:  Represented a cop whom was injured while responding an emergency call was hit by a driver that was not paying attention.  This case settled for a confidential sum.
  • Drunk Driving Accident:  Represented a young child whom lost his father when a drunk driver crossed the center line and hit him head on.  This case settled for a confidential sum.
  • Commercial Truck Wreck:  Represented a woman and her child whom were injured when a plumbing truck rear-ended them going at least 30 miles per hour.
  • Breach of Contract:  Represented a small business that was not paid for work performed by an out of town company.  A post-answer default judgment was taken against the defendant and the case settled.
  • 18-Wheeler Accident:  Represent an 18-wheeler driver that was seriously injured when another 18-wheeler rear-ended him as he was entering the interstate.
  • Sexual Assaults:  The firm has represented many victims of sexual assault in San Antonio, Texas.

If you would like a free consultation with experienced San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyers, call Hill Law Firm today.  It is important to act quickly to ensure your legal rights are protected and evidence is preserved.