Houston Texas Injury Attorneys

Houston Texas Injury Attorneys

Houston Texas Injury Attorneys

Houston is the largest city in Texas, and the fourth-largest city in the United States.  While accidents can happen anywhere, like any large city, Houston has a lot of traffic, and a lot of commerce in a variety of areas, especially the oil and gas industry, refining industry, chemical industry, port work, and other blue collar jobs. There are many dangers lurking in a city the size of Houston, which means a lot of potential for accidents and injuries.

The Houston Injury Lawyers at Hill Law Firm have represented victims of avoidable accidents for many years.  Firm founder, Justin Hill, has practiced in the area of personal injury in Houston, Texas for his entire professional career.  The lawyers at Hill Law Firm understand Houston and the needs of those living and working in Houston.  The Houston Injury Attorneys are here to discuss any questions you have regarding your accident in Houston, Texas or the surrounding area.

Trucking Accident Lawyers Serving Houston

Anyone that lives in Houston or the surrounding communities know that there is traffic–and lots of it.  That is a face of living in the largest city in Texas.  Not only are there  a lot commuters going to work and home, there is a lot of commercial truck traffic.  A combination of the Port of Houston, two interstates, and many major commercial industries in and around Houston have created a lot of commercial truck traffic.  The large number of trucks, means a large number of trucking accidents.  More…

Oil & Gas Lawyers Serving Houston

Houston is without a doubt, the oil and gas hub for the United States.  While it is not know for lots of production, it is the headquarters of many of the major oil and gas companies, and is a major port for crude oil and refining.  Unfortunately, many of the blue collar workers in the oil and gas industry are exposed to dangers every day they go to work.  Further, many people that were injured in the oil patch, bring lawsuits in Houston, Texas since that is the headquarters of many of the oil and gas major companies.  If you have been injured on a job in the oil and gas industry, call Hill Law Firm today. More…

The main office of Hill Law Firm is conveniently located in Houston, one block north of Katy Freeway.  If you have any questions regarding your potential claims, call the Houston office of Hill Law Firm for a free legal consultation with an experienced Houston Personal Injury Lawyer.