Best Personal Injury Lawyer

Texas Personal Injury Attorney

When someone is injured or loses a family member due to an accident or the negligence of another, they often consider hiring an attorney.  As is expected, when considering to hire a lawyer, people want to hire the best personal injury lawyer that they can find.  Unfortunately, there is no objective way to determine if the lawyer you are considering hiring is the best personal injury lawyer in Texas or not.  Rather, when considering hiring an attorney, victims to should look for a few key factors to determine if an attorney will help them achieve justice and the full compensation they deserve.

When determining whether or not to hire an attorney, victims and their families should evaluate the lawyer in the following areas:

Experience:  An attorney is only as good as their ability to get the best result for their clients.  Years of practice does not necessarily equal experience in prosecuting cases in the best interests of clients.  Be sure to ask attorneys about the types of cases they have handled, their experiences in trial, and anything else that you think is particularly important to your case.  For example, the attorneys at Hill Law Firm are often asked about their experience prosecuting Dram Shop cases against bars that overserved drunk drivers when meeting with victims of drunk driving accidents.

Comfort:  Before hiring an attorney, make sure you are comfortable with that attorney and their staff.  Through the pendency of a lawsuit, a client will work closely with and spend many hours communicating with his or her attorney and the attorney’s staff.  Comfort is very important.

Peer Recognition:  While some of the best lawyers are ones you will never hear of, consider whether or not an attorney has been recognized for their achievments.  While peer recognition and awards are not 100% accurate, they are indicators that the lawyer at least has some people vouching for his or her abilities.  Further, Justin Hill has been recognized as Texas Super Lawyers Rising Stars, Top 40 under 40, and Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Texas.  Many clients have indicated that these awards helped in their decision making process.

Alignment:  It is important that the client and their attorney are on the same page when it comes to their strategy.  Some clients refuse to ever go to trial and have a lawyer that is pushing the case to trial and vice versa.  Before hiring an attorney, potential new clients should always discuss their expectations with any attorney they are considering to make sure they both agree on the plan.

Do not hire an attorney without considering these factors and any others that you deem important.  At the end of the day, a client and their attorney should be on the same page and trust each other.  When trying to hire the best personal injury lawyer, remember to hire the best personal injury lawyer you can find for your specific needs as a client.