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Hill Law Firm is an experienced and proven law firm based in San Antonio, Texas. Justin Hill started the Hill Law Firm with a passion for helping those whom have been wronged. Justin Hill has spent his entire career as an attorney helping those who need an advocate to stick up for their rights and standing up for the little guy. From personal injury and product liability to representing wronged parties against polluters, Justin Hill has a diverse background in the law.

Based in San Antonio, Texas with a law practice that covers the entire state of Texas, the Hill Law Firm is dedicated to the principle that every client deserves a zealous advocate and their day court.  If you have been wronged and would like to speak to an an attorney for advice, please do not hesitate to contact us today for advice and guidance regarding your case.

Why Choose Hill Law Firm as your Personal Injury Law Firm?

Why? Because we are…

Experienced: The attorneys at the Hill Law Firm are experienced in taking diverse cases from meeting the client for the first time all the way to trial. Justin Hill has fought against the biggest companies in the United States and traveled across the globe to do what had to be done for our clients. Let us put our experience to work for you. The Hill Law Firm has the courtroom experience necessary to zealously represent your case in front of a jury and judge no matter the issues.

Proven: The Hill Law Firm is proven in seeking the best outcomes for our clients. Our former clients, current clients, co-counsel, and opposing counsel can and will attest to the ability of the Hill Law Firm to get the best results for our clients. Our successful case results speak for themselves. If you have been injured in an accident, wronged by a company, or need representation for your business and are not sure what to do next, call the Hill Law Firm for guidance from a law firm that has provided favorable results to clients in cases just like yours.

Ethical in our Representation: The Hill Law Firm is dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards in the representation of our clients. We have been recognized by former clients and organizations in the legal field for our honesty and hard work. We respect the privacy of our clients and protect privileged information provided to us. When representing a client, it is our responsibility to represent that persons’ best interest to the full extent of the law. The Hill Law Firm provides ethical legal representation to each of our clients, always keeping your best interests first.

Hard Working: The attorneys and staff at Hill Law Firm will do whatever it takes to get the best results for our clients.  We work as long as needed, travel wherever is required, and do what is necessary to ensure our clients get the zealous advocacy they expect.

Results Driven: Hill Law Firm always fights to get the best results possible for our clients in cases ranging from personal injury to commercial litigation and product liability litigation. If you have been injured due to negligence, wronged as an investor or employee of a large corporation, or need help resolving a complex legal issue, we will do everything we can to assist you and seek the best possible outcome.

How Will the Hill Law Firm Help With My Case?

Justin Hill is an experienced and knowledgeable Texas trial lawyer with the courage to fight for you and your loved ones and to protect your rights under the law. If opposing parties and their insurance companies are unwilling to agree to compensate you with a fair amount, we will push your case to trial and let a jury decide. As we negotiate on your behalf, the opposition will know that Justin Hill is not afraice to advocate for you and to bring your case to a jury.

How Will Hill Law Firm Prepare My Case?

Hill Law Firm lawyers are always prepared, whether we are negotiating with the other party for a settlement or arguing your case in court before a jury. Because of our vast  knowledge, skills and  experience,  we realize the importance of extremely meticulous and careful  research and investigation in preparing your case.  We take the time  to make sure your rights are protected and you get the compensation that you deserve.

A Personalized Approach From an Attorney

The lawyers at  Hill Law Firm believe in listening to our clients and making sure  their questions and concerns have been addressed fully and completely. Every single case is treated with the utmost importance, and we take everything our clients say  seriously. Clients will always receive personalized attention from Hill Law Firm lawyers and our support staff. Clients will always be fully informed about  every single aspect of the case,  including their rights,  all available options and all potential risks, at every step of the way.

A Different Approach to Each and Every Client and Case

Because every case is different, every client is treated as an individual and every case  is approached  based on the facts of that case and only that case. In order to advocate for you the best way possible, the Hill Law Firm will gather all of the facts available. That means obtaining every police record, every federal and state agency report, speaking to every potential witness and experts who may be able to help  make sense of the circumstances surrounding your case. We will also  look at  any video footage  available and we will identify any and all sources of critical evidence.  We will any and all evidence regarding your injuries and any losses you sustained  in the accident. Our goal is to build the strongest case possible using every bit of evidence that we can find. Sometimes, all of this requires intense preparation and investigation, but no matter what is required, the Hill Law Firm will do everything possible to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

Discovering Facts, Recreating the Accident and Expert Research

When necessary, Hill Law Firm employs experts to investigate accidents, accident sites and perform detailed analysis of particular issues. The Hill Law Firm has worked with experts including toxicologists, accident reconstructionists, mechanical engineers, metallurgists, commercial motor vehicle experts, life care planners, doctors, economists, and numerous others Each case is different, but Hill Law Firm always seeks out the best experts in the nation to address whatever problems need to be addressed. When experts are hired, it is important to make sure the right type of expert is hired for the specific factual scenario that led to your damages. Hill Law Firm has the resources and knowledge to make sure your case has the right team.

Identify Liable Parties

Through our painstaking investigation process, we will  identify  every single party who may be liable for your injuries and damages. Hill Law Firm will also determine the proper financial compensation that you deserve for your injuries, damages, losses, fines, and everything else that you are entitled under the law. For example, in the case of car accidents, there often are others who may share the blame when it comes to causing your accident other than the obvious third party causing the accident. The vehicle that hit you may have had a  defect, where it may have been improperly maintained by a company that owns it. Perhaps the company that owns the vehicle  makes its drivers  work too long  without following regulations that require drivers to rest. It’s also possible that the roads weren’t maintained properly, or that there was improper lighting at the time of impact. The point is that some law firms settle cases as fast and easy as possible, at Hill Law Firm, we pride ourselves on turning over all stones to make sure every avenue is explored.

Discover Our Winning Strategies

Call the Texas personal injury attorneys at Hill Law Firm today and learn how the Texas personal injury law firm of Hill Law Firm has gained a reputation of being experienced, respected and effective personal injury and commercial litigation attorneys in  San Antonio. Whatever legal problem you are facing, whether it is personal injury, commercial litigation, product liability or any other legal issue, you can rely on Hill Law Firm’s expertise. Don’t wait, call today.

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